Moonlighting Action: Wipro, an Indian company, fired 300 employees as the first action it took against moonlighting.

Wipro -alive techno
Wipro -alive techno

The issue of moonlighting has been talked about since last month, but now it’s time to do something about it. IT company Wipro fired 300 of its workers as the first step in this case. Rishad Premji, the chairman of the company, has made it clear that if an employee is caught moonlighting, he will be fired right away.

Moonlighting Action: Wipro

Companies are now taking a hard line on employees who work extra jobs, which is becoming more and more common. Wipro, the IT company that started the discussion about moonlighting, has fired 300 of its workers who were found to be doing it.

The head of Wipro, Rishad Premji, had said the day before that about 300 of his employees were found to have ties to other rival companies. This kind of worker has no place in the company. So, their job is taken away from them. In a statement he made recently, Premji said that Moonlighting was a complete scam and a breach of trust.

Rishad Premji had said at an event of the All India Management Association that many Wipro employees have direct ties to our competitors and that we have found 300 such employees in the last few months. Now, something will be done about them. After Premji made this statement, all of the employees who had been accused were fired soon after. He said, “This has been done because of a breach of integrity.”

A powerful message to the staff

Rishad Premji said, “There is no place in the company for employees who work for Wipro and for a competitor at the same time.” Also, if any employee is found in a similar situation, he will be treated the same way. If you work a second job on the side, you are also risking the privacy and security of your main job.

Other businesses are also tightening up.

Since Rishad Premji brought up the issue of moonlighting, other IT companies are also taking it seriously. At the same time, different points of view are coming out about the subject. The CEO of Tech Mahindra, an IT company that has been around for a long time, CP Gurnani, said recently that these kinds of rules should be welcomed in the way we work. We should also be ready for things to change.

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But Infosys agreed with what the Wipro CEO said about moonlighting. Infosys has told its employees that they can’t work for more than one company at the same time. If an employee is caught doing this, he or she could face harsh punishments and even lose their job. In an email to employees, the company said that having two jobs won’t work and that if they are caught, they will be fired.