Windows Subsystem Available for Linux version 0.65.1.

Windows Subsystem Available for Linux version 0.65.1
Windows Subsystem Available for Linux version 0.65.1
  • Version 0.65.1 of the Windows Subsystem for Linux is not yet available.
  • The wonderful thing is that it is made available to each Insider.
  • Testing should start immediately, regardless of the channel you are currently on.

More excellent news for everyone who uses Windows 10 or Windows 11 is now available. However, before we get into it, let me provide further background on this software. The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is an essential piece of software magic that enables users to run GNU/Linux environments directly within Windows. As many of you may already be aware, WSL is an essential piece of software.

This can be accomplished without virtual machines (VMs) or dual-boot configurations to reach the same destination.

It is a handy tool, particularly for developing and testing cross-platform applications. The Redmond technology corporation routinely releases upgrades to WSL that add new features and capabilities.

Windows Subsystem For Linux Version 0.65.1

Today, we are delighted to inform you that the WSL version 0.65.1 is now available for the Insider rings after they were announced that it would be released.

Not all Insider channels currently have access to WSL.

Ben Hillis, who is the Manager of the Linux on Windows team at Microsoft, is the one who certified that the material in question is from an official source. This is important to know to ensure that the details in question are accurate.

On Twitter, he announced that Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 0.65.1 is now accessible to all Windows Insiders, irrespective of the particular release channel each user is currently utilising.

By making it accessible to all Insiders, the firm hopes to collect as much feedback as possible, which Windows 12 will then use to assess whether or not the release should be made available to the broader public.

You are indeed also curious about all of the new features or adjustments that arrive with this version; thus, here is what we know about them:

Several efficiencies and accuracy enhancements have been made to the local host relay to improve its ability to report bind failures.

Improve the error message displayed if the bistro list cannot be retrieved and wire it to wsl.exe –list –online if the guest check cannot be kept in sync with the host chock, use /dev/ptp0.

Update Windows Subsystem Linux kernel to

Fix regressions in the 9p filesystem that have occurred since the previous v5.10 WSL2 kernel.

  • Make the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock device support active.
  • Turn on the countermeasures for Retbleed in x86 64 builds.
  • Activate nftables in addition to traffic control.
  • Enable VGEM driver
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg was upgraded to version 1.0.41. WSLg: add default x11 bell sound
  • WSLg: Update /etc/wsl.conf so that will is specified as the default user.
  • WSLGd: Include an option to begin Weston execution under gdbserver
  • WSLGd: to simplify the building of the Weston command line
  • Compositor, please add the wslgd-notify directive.

Compositor: Stop trapping SIGINT

Load the xwayland module, please, compositor last RDP: resize margin adjustment for Move Window/SnapArrange PDU rips audio: use thread cancel instead of pthread kill xwayland: giv last RDP: resize margin adjustment for Move Window/SnapArrange PDU last RDP: resize margin adjustment for Move Window/Sn.

e Xwayland will have its dedicated session

xwayland: Avoid tracking focus for windows subsystem that override or redirect.

Now, what exactly are you holding out for?! The testing phase has begun, and all Insiders are warmly welcomed to this party with a windows subsystem linux version 0.65.1 (WSL) theme. Here’s hoping that there won’t be too many problems found.

Have you already played around with the settings of this software? In the space below designated for comments, please tell us about your experience.