Windows 11 Ready to all Dev Channel Insiders

HD Windows 11
HD Windows 11
  • Microsoft has already sent a new update to Insiders in the Dev channel.
  • The Xbox Game Pass Widget is the most critical new thing.
  • Check out all of the fixes, improvements, and known problems.

Microsoft is working hard to ensure that its latest operating System is the best it can be. This is a trend that will continue with Windows 11 as well.

Also, the tech giant lowered the startup sound quality of Windows 11 22H2 to make the operating System less resource-intensive.

You might wonder how much this costs and what kind of financial benefits the tech giant in Redmond gets. In the most recent quarterly income report, you can read about it.

With KB5016700, Microsoft sent two more builds to the Beta channel yesterday, so it was time for the Dev channel insiders to get their software changes.

Since we’re talking about updates, Nvidia has also released essential security updates for Windows 7 and 8.1.

The Windows Subsystem for Android also got a significant update that brought it to version 2206.40000.15.0.

Windows 11 Insider build 25174 has just been released to the Dev Channel by Microsoft. Let’s find out what this new information is about.

What’s different in version Windows 11 – 25174?

The tech giant said it has been working with the Xbox team for the past few months to make Windows and PC Game Pass an even better pair.

This brand-new widget is a window into the many PC Game Pass library. It will show you the newest games, games that will leave soon, and other games from highlighted categories. It will then take you to the Xbox app, where you can install them, read reviews, and go all in.

Let’s look at the rest of the changelog together and find out about all the improvements, fixes, and known problems.

Changes and Getting Better

[File Explorer]

When you middle-click a folder in File Explorer’s navigation pane, it will now open in a new tab, just like when you click a folder in the central part of File Explorer. Please note that this requires tabbed File Explorer, which hasn’t reached everyone in the Dev Channel yet.

Fixes [File Explorer]

It fixed a bug that could cause explorer.exe to crash when File Explorer windows were opened.

Fixed a bug where starting File Explorer in specific ways (like from the command line) when using dark mode would show the body of File Explorer in light mode.

They had fixed a problem where the left and right arrows in File Explorer were in light mode when using the dark method. It meant that they didn’t have enough contrast to be seen when they were turned on.

They fixed a problem where the lines between the tabs in the navigation pane would sometimes overlap or get too close to the text.

You fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a folder into the navigation pane would sometimes put it at the bottom of the list instead of where you dropped it.

I fixed an issue causing UI issues in File Explorer when using F11 to put File Explorer in full-screen mode.


They fixed a problem that caused some Insiders on the previous build to find that some system tray elements were missing.


When some PCs went to System> Storage > Disks & Volumes, they would crash. This has been fixed.


It has fixed a problem that made the mouse and keyboard not work right in some games during the last two flights.

It fixed a problem that may have stopped some Insiders from being able to open SQL Server Management Studio.

Memory Integrity in Windows 12 Security could sometimes show a warning that it couldn’t be turned on because of incompatible drivers, but the list of incompatible drivers would be empty. This has been fixed.

In the last few flights, when core isolation was turned on in Windows Security, some apps wouldn’t open for no reason. This problem has been fixed.

Problems that are known [General]

Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat might cause your PC to freeze or crash.

[NEW] We’re looking into reports that some Insiders who upgraded to the last flight lost their audio after that.

[NEW] We’re working on fixing an issue that caused the wrong graphics card to be used in recent flights, which caused some Insiders’ FPS in certain games to drop.

[NEW] We’re investigating reports that some apps have crashed in recent builds.

[File Explorer]

The left side of the File Explorer title bar might be unable to move with the mouse or touch.

In File Explorer tabs, the up arrow is in the wrong place. In the next update, this will be fixed.

[NEW] We are working on fixing a problem that makes Home, Documents, Pictures, and possibly other folders appear twice in File Explorer’s navigation pane or desktop.

[NEW] We’re working on a fix for a problem where the background of the search box in File Explorer could be the opposite colour of the mode you’re in.

[NEW] We’re working on fixing a problem that makes the delete key stopped working on files in File Explorer when it shouldn’t. If this happens, you should still be able to delete it by using the context menu.


On the Taskbar, the number on the notification badge may not be in the right place.

In some cases, the notification banner for some badging will not show up on the widgets board.

We’re working on a fix for a problem that resets Widgets preferences (like temperature units and widgets that are pinned) to their default settings.


[NEW] We’re working on fixing an issue that caused some apps, like Excel, to hang and crash when you tried to print from them on the last flight.

[NEW] We’re looking into reports from recent Dev Channel flights that lines don’t print out when tables are printed from some apps.

What can I do if I can’t install KB5016700?

  • To get to Settings, press Win+I.
  • Click on Troubleshoot under the System category.
KB5016700 – Install
  • Press the button labelled “Other troubleshooters.”
KB5016700 – For Window 11
  • Click the button next to Windows Update that says “Run.”
KB5016700 – Windows 11

So there you go, folks! All the things you can expect as a Dev channel Insider. Please comment below if you have found any problems since installing this build.

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