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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

GIFs, which were formerly considered juvenile and unprofessional, are now a totally accepted and even required component of social media and social media marketing. This is a significant shift from the previous perception of GIFs, which was that they were immature and unprofessional. In this piece, we will go deeper into the history of GIFs and discuss the various ways you can use them to spice up your social media marketing!

What exactly are these.GIF files?

The GIF file format, also known as the graphic interchange format, can store both still and moving pictures. The majority of these are looping videos that do not have any audio accompanying them. They may be excerpts from a movie or television show, or they could be something you made yourself.

GIFs have been around for a while, but they are currently riding the wave of a popular trend on social media. If you want to get seen on any social network, you should focus on taking advantage of this trend.

Why You Should Use GIFs on Social Media

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should incorporate them into your marketing plan, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should utilize GIFs when posting on social media.

1. GIFs Have an Attractive Look

What is the value of a GIF if a picture is worth a thousand words? The fact that GIFs loop content causes them to capture viewers’ attention more readily.

GIFs are simple to understand and connect to, which makes it simple to post them on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Because visual material is prioritized in the news stream on every social network, people are likelier to discover and share the content you post.

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2. GIFs may be edited easily.

Do you understand how to create a GIF? It would be best if you had a GIF creator like Flixier or GIPHY and some high-quality images or videos to work with to edit a GIF. Your material might already be on your social media platforms in a few minutes; as a result, GIFs are efficient content that you should incorporate into your media plan since they save you time.

3. The Use of GIFs Can Convey Emotions

When you use GIFs in your marketing, you can smile, frown, laugh, or even roll your eyes in cyberspace. You may take a similar technique to approach your audience even if you are not in direct contact with them

GIFs are an excellent tool for underlining a light-heated attitude to customer interactions that your business takes, and they are also a perfect tool for communicating with clients on an emotional level. You are free to incorporate them in comments on Facebook, tweets, emails, or any other kind of direct contact you want.

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4.GIFs are Mobile Friendly

GIFs, and mobile phones are inseparable creatures. In particular, GIFs play immediately on mobile devices, but videos posted on Twitter or Facebook open in a different tab or app.

It is a huge victory, considering that over 80 per cent of customers see social media on their mobile devices.

GIFs, when placed next to textual material, have the potential to help you maintain your audience’s attention for more extended periods.

Flixster allows you to edit GIFs while spicing up your social media channels.

A fixer is a fantastic tool for producing animated GIFs on the web. We have the perfect option for you if you aren’t familiar with how to modify a GIF. The GIF generator tool operates in your browser. It enables you to clip out segments of a movie or combine photos in a few clicks, allowing you to generate attractive, appealing, or helpful GIFs.

And if you want to complete the task in a shorter amount of time, you could even give the video-to-GIF tool a shot; all you have to do is select a video to work on and then convert it to a GIF first.