Top 5 Free WordPress CDN Services to Hi-Fi A Website Speed

Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery Network

Do you know that the content delivery network (CDN) WordPress plugin can help speed up your website? Before choosing a WordPress CDN plugin, you have to decide which trusted CDN Service you want to use.

A trusted CDN service is the best way to protect and speed up your website, APIs, Media Streams, and many other services that work with them.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a backup server meant to speed up the time it takes for content to get from the primary server to the end user. Some extra security features come with it.

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So, a Content Delivery Network ensures that your website visitors can get the information they need wherever and whenever they want it. It speeds up the time it takes for pages to load, which makes it easier for people to get the information they need.

Some best free WordPress CDN service brands that offer the best packages on the market. You should compare different providers and the plans they offer.

1. Service From MaxCDN

MaxCDN’s features and performance are built into the brand-new StackPath platform of secure edge services. Along with its WAF, Managed DNS, and Content monitoring systems, it has built-in security features and storage that works like the cloud. All of its monthly premium plans come with a 30-day free trial.

Essential parts of the MaxCDN service

  • Support: 24/7 responsive customer support
  • Free stuff: MaxCDN lets you try out its premium plans for free for 30 days.
  • Security: It has many security features, such as HTTP/2 Server Push and TSL 1.
  • Integration with WordPress: MaxCDN is easy to connect to WordPress and other Content Management Systems.
  • Reporting and analysis tool that works in real-time: It keeps track of what’s going on with your account and sends you alerts when something changes.

2. Cloudflare is a free CDN service for WordPress

Cloudflare WordPress CDN is a high-quality content delivery network that works with the latest technology. Users can use advanced protocols because the design and performance are good.

Setting up and using the Cloudflare CDN is very easy. Its plans for monthly premiums are also very cheap. No matter how much traffic there is, the price for bandwidth stays the same. This CDN can store output from Cloudflare Workers, so API and application response times are faster. The Cloudflare Workers make it easier to cache content that would be hard to cache otherwise.

Cloudflare WordPress CDN
Cloudflare WordPress CDN
  • Key things about Cloudflare A free CDN service for WordPress
  • Setting up Cloudflare CDN is easy.
  • Very adaptable and even works with the newest cloud computing technology.
  • uses the unique SSD hardware for high-end efficiency
  • Sets up small data centres in essential places
  • Thanks to the Cloudflare video stream platform, video streaming can be done at a low cost.
  • It makes it easy to connect to WordPress.
  • Account audit logs make it easy to keep track of what’s going on.

3. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a real-time content delivery network ready for HTTP/2 and made for the future. It has a TCP track that is highly optimized and 100% SSD coverage to make sure it works well. It is a simple, fast, and reliable CDN that ensures the best experience for the end users.

It has many excellent features, such as instant purge, Resrful API, and an origin shield for protecting data. It works well because it is built on a system with low latency and IP Anycast technology.

  • Key things about KeyCDN
  • Multiple places to make delivery easy
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Has tools for analyzing data to measure performance
  • Supports content purge
  • Support for HTTP/2 and origin shield
  • It has an API that is RESTful
  • Easy to integrate with WordPress
  • It comes with tools to improve images.
  • 24/7 technical customer service
  • All of its monthly premium packages come with a 30-day free trial.

4. Rackspace Offers a Free CDN Service for WordPress

This global Free WordPress CDN Service provider is known for being proactive and focused on getting things done. It comes with a complete security system that can handle the worst-case scenarios. Rackspace The hardware used by WordPress CDN is very new, scalable, and set up for high-level efficiency.

With the Rackspace WordPress CDN, you can choose to move your data to either a private or a public cloud storage system to make it safer. It has a setting that meets the requirements of FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. This ensures that all your private data and information are locked up tight. Its infrastructure is made so that content can be sent quickly. This is because it stays online most of the time and works quickly.

The most important things about Rackspace’s free WordPress CDN service are that it lets you choose between private and public cloud storage.

It has a setting that meets the security standards set by FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. This makes sure that all of your essential business information is safe.

  • It has modern, scalable, and optimized hardware in its data centers, which are being merged.
  • It has a security plan that looks at the whole picture.
  • Customized infrastructure to improve the speed and availability of a website.
  • Content management systems are easy to connect to.
  • It lets you stream HD videos.
  • The interface is easy to use and manage content on.

5. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN is one of the best ways to get content to end users quickly and efficiently because it has an extensive infrastructure worldwide. The Google Cloud Free WordPress CDN Service uses data centers that work together. It uses Google’s global edge points to cache HTTP content that is load balanced.

  • Google Cloud CDN’s most essential features
  • Coverage on an extensive network
  • Security features that quickly stop bad things from happening
  • Integrated with other Google services.
  • The cloud command-line tool offers a free trial for 60 days and $300 in free credit.
  • Has a way to get rid of cached content
  • It lets you change and set cache keys.