Top 10 Websites in 2022 where Freelance Writers Can Earn Money

Freelance Writers
Freelance Writers

Good Platform for Freelancing

We’re not saying that just a younger demographic experiences this. Anyone, whether they are in their 20s or 50s, can experience it. Everyone aspires to achievement and the happiness that comes with it. Let us also Alive Techno tell you a little secret about Freelance Writers : success has nothing to do with your age. Without regard to age restrictions, you can accomplish much with freelance websites if you are on the right path.

10 Websites for Freelance Writing to Get You Started!

We have good news for you if you’re trying to break into the freelance world or already offer online content writing services through various platforms! This article will identify the top eight websites for freelance work so you can start earning money right away.

So, if you’re desperate and sick of looking for work, take a break and carefully read the article. By the end, we hope you’ll have discovered something that appeals to your interests and area of expertise. So let’s get going now!


We anticipate that many of you have probably heard of this one. So Upwork is an American freelance marketplace, and the majority of the globe is discussing its benefits. We advise you to look at this one if you are new to freelancing and have no prior experience. Currently, this market comprises 18 million freelancers and around 5 million clients. Writing is one of the many categories included on this site. Like any other platform, this one has rules and guidelines that must be followed to join the community. But compared to other sites, Upwork makes it simpler to find jobs.


This, according to many, ought to be first on the list. Because clients don’t want their projects handled by inexperienced writers, Fiverr can be difficult to find customers compared to other websites. However, there is a chance you can get through this if you are experienced and have solid gigs. You can make good money here because this medium has a large community and is used by many people. It also gives you the power to determine your wage rate, but you require an outside force. So make sure you have a friend who can introduce you to potential customers.

Blogging pro

You should check out Blogging Pro if you prefer blogging. Through this channel, you can learn more about blogging and potentially make money. Many beginners use this website to hone their abilities. It will help you reach your full potential as a professional blogger. Blogging Pro keeps you informed about ongoing industry development and assists you in understanding new trends. Since several topics are included within a single domain, you may find inspiration for becoming a professional ebook writer in the UK.

Freelance Writers Can Earn Money


Not your typical next-door website, Contently helps you make connections with well-known people. It is the ideal forum for those with inventive brains who occasionally have fresh ideas to share. Who wouldn’t want to include household companies like Google, Walmart, and Coca-Cola in their portfolio if they were interested in developing a solid one for the future?

Since you can speak with the businesses directly and present your offers and ideas, you don’t need the assistance of any other forces in this situation. The only drawback of Contently is that you must be skilled and experienced enough to join them because they don’t favour newbies. Consider developing your résumé first before joining this community.


Content is for you if you’re seeking time-saving, high-calibre employment. In addition to being a freelance writing website, it is regarded as a great academy if you want to learn more about freelancing. They show you how to get more clients, look after them, craft more substantial proposals, and obtain more recommendations. It is, in essence, an all-in-one platform. The significant part about Contena is that you can always enhance the calibre of your writing, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert writer.

The Urban Writers

This website offers worldwide article writing and ghostwriting services. You may join them to share your expertise in fiction, nonfiction, SEO-optimized blogs, articles, etc., or you can get a service. Urban Writers features jobs for editors, translators, cover designers, and artists. Your income depends on your profession and the expertise you provide clients.


You can use this channel to communicate with the intended audience. A writing exam must be passed to join this community, which is like an interview. They will examine it within 5-7 days of receiving your application and respond. Considering that iWriter now has 1,197 writers on staff, they could not be accepting the applications. However, you must continue attempting because you never know when your turn to shine may be.

Writer finder

The Writer Finder is the sixth freelancing website on the list. This is a significant resource for both individuals seeking authors and writers themselves! Try these out if you want to earn extra money. Don’t worry about discovering your speciality; there is a writer on the web for everyone. Additionally, the website where you apply will determine your pay rate!