Top 10 Ultra Fastest WordPress Themes in 2022/2023

Ultra Fastest WordPress Theme
Ultra Fastest WordPress Theme

Users are constantly searching for the quickest solution to their problems in the digital world. If a website takes longer than six seconds to load, 50% of visitors will click away. It’s not just the consumers that care about Fastest WordPress Themes or HTML: from 2010 for desktop and 2018 for mobile, and Google has used it as a ranking factor.

In conclusion, a slow-loading website degrades user experience and raises the possibility that the following result in Google search results will take your spot. All of this results in decreased traffic, missed sales, and income.

You must choose your WordPress theme carefully to reduce load time. The excellent article will be SEO-friendly, lightweight, and coded to the highest standards.

We’ve gathered some of the fastest-loading WordPress themes available in the WordPress directory and other marketplaces to assist you in making this choice.

Ranking of Quickly Loading WordPress Themes

When selecting a WordPress theme, load speed and style, functionality, cost, and template choices should be considered.

We’ve compiled the results of the Top 10 ultra Fastest WordPress Themes that load the quickest into the table below to make your decision-making process more manageable. By reading past the graphic, you may see the results for all 30.

Ultra Fast WordPress Themes

  • Astra
  • SociallyViral
  • SocialNow
  • GeneratePress
  • Customify
  • Schema
  • Parallax Pro
  • Blocks
  • Elementor
  • Writee

Note that each theme has information about how long it takes to load. This information was gathered by using the WebPageTest, GTmetrix, and Pingdom tools on the demo site for each theme. The values shown are the results for each device when it is fully loaded.

1. Astra

Astra is an ultra fastest WordPress theme that can be used for many different things. It is fast and easy to use. Because it works with WordPress plugins and integrations, you can use it to make many different kinds of sites, from a place to learn to an online store.


The Astra theme ensures that pages load quickly using plain JavaScript, clean code, and no jQuery. It’s also easy to use because it works with the built-in WordPress Gutenberg editor, page builders, and most of the best WordPress plugins. Lastly, Astra makes it easy for people of all skill levels to build and launch websites thanks to its 180+ starter templates.

The speed at which this theme load is between 91% and 100%, which is the best result for wordpress theme features. This theme is for you if you want a complicated website that is also fast and easy to use.

You can get a free version immediately; three paid plans range from USD 49 to USD 249.

2. SociallyViral

This theme is excellent for online magazines and informative blogs because it lets you change everything you need to build an online presence. With the theme’s unique interface, you can show off your content and create an exciting experience that will keep people on your site.

Social Viral is a suitable theme for you if you want to make a website with a wide range of multimedia content that doesn’t hurt the user experience. SociallyViral is a great way to show content and is fast enough to keep users from leaving. It also makes it easy to move around and use.

3. SocialNow

SocialNow is the best theme for businesses that want to market themselves by having a solid presence on social media. With a high loading score and 51 HTTP requests, SocialNow makes it easy for your audience to see the content that will catch their attention. The music works with Megamenus and has a clean layout that is easy to change to fit your brand’s needs. The content management features make it easy for users to find and share your best content. Creates an engaging interface that works well with social media, which can help your business grow on different platforms.

This SEO-optimized and fully responsive website theme is a good choice if you want to build a solid social media plan. Who can buy a regular licence for USD 39?

4. GeneratePress is the best option.

GeneratePress is one of the most technologically advanced themes on the market. It has a 100% speed score because of its current code. Many customizations, plugins, and functionality choices are available, and users want them.

For a one-time fee of USD 259 or USD 59 each year, you can access all this theme’s premium features.

5. Customify

This theme has widely superb for its user-friendly approach and ability to customize its header and footer with the Fastest WordPress Themes Customizer. Creating an accessible website is as easy as 1-2-3. Use Customify to make the most of your user experience and brand design expertise.

6. Schema

With speed in mind, SchemaSchema was built. As it is built on shortcodes, customizing it is a cinch. Few components are displayed on the screen, and very few HTTP queries are in this theme. As a result, search engines can better grasp what your content is about, thanks to SEO. It’s a very speed-optimized theme.”

This theme’s standard licence is USD 39, so you can start building a lightweight website immediately.

7. Parallax Pro.

Parallax Pro is a fantastic parallax effect to give your website depth, as the name says. To make managing a reasonable rate of material easy, the design splits the page into sections. The call-to-action button is in a vertical layout at the bottom of the page.

Using GZIP compression, Parallax Pro’s pictures and other components are compressed while Javascript is deferred. As a result, it is small and only produces a small number of HTTP requests.

8. Blocks is the name of the game.

Blocky is a beautiful choice for minimalists who want to keep things simple. With this free theme, you can quickly build a website with a clean style. It is completely customizable and has a 100% GTMetrix page loading score.

Code splitting, a concept used in this theme’s coding structure, lies at the heart of everything. Javascript is only loaded if the user requests it, which immediately improves your website speed.

9. Elementor is number nine on the list.

Websites with a basic design and few features should use this theme. The Elementor theme is fully up-to-date with the latest version of this page builder and will continue to be so in the future. You may quickly build a multilingual site using the ultra fast WordPress plugins that are compatible with this theme, and you can create a responsive and fast website with a clean design.

Free and loading in less than one second, this is one of the quickest free themes you’ll find on the internet.

10. Writee

Writee, available in both a free and a paid edition, is one of the quickest loading themes for blogging. Write loads so rapidly because, among other things, it is lightweight, defers loading Javascript, and has a cacheable favicon.

Write Pro provides considerably more accessible functionalities. You can quickly upload and modify a favicon and logo, enable or deactivate breadcrumbs, and select from various sidebar choices. There are built-in pagination settings, social network sharing icons, and a widget for similar content to facilitating site navigation.

What factors make a WordPress theme quick?

There are several techniques to optimize a Fastest WordPress Themes for speed. Below, we will examine a couple of these aspects.

WordPress Theme

1. Responsive Design

Most themes have a responsive layout, which is vital for providing a quick mobile experience. Since responsive design automatically loads your website dependent on the screen size of the user, you don’t need a separate version of your mobile site. That means Google’s spider only needs to visit your website once. If you have an independent mobile site, you will need to reproduce all of your website’s assets on the mobile version, which can be costly in terms of bandwidth and maintenance.

Google recommends responsive design as a design pattern since it requires a single code base.

2. featherweight

Themes that are densely populated with high-quality pictures and effects might be weighty. Enormous file sizes frequently accompany high-quality photos, and animations and effects might necessitate a great deal of code, both impair page speed.

Simple themes with only the essential elements will be lower in weight and assist in guaranteeing that your website loads quickly. You may add more design elements and effects at any time using plugins or custom CSS.

3. CSS and JavaScript Asynchronous or Delayed Loading

Even though CSS and Javascript files might slow down a website, each theme requires some of this code. CSS and JS are responsible for a web page’s aesthetics and interactivity.

These scripts can load in one of two ways: synchronously or asynchronously. The files load sequentially in the order they appear on the web page. Therefore, whenever a browser detects a script, it will stop loading other page components until the hand has finished loading.

Asynchronous loading, on the other hand, permits many files to load simultaneously, which can improve a website’s performance.

Some themes are intended to load asynchronously or postpone loading these scripts until required. These themes will load more quickly than ones that load synchronously by default.

4. GZIP Compression

Compression is the practice of lowering file sizes to make file transfers between servers and browsers quicker. The fewer bytes transmitted, the faster your browser will load the website.

GZIP is the most popular compression method currently used since it may reduce the quantity of data by up to 70 per cent in less time and with fewer resources than other methods.

Themes that compress their components with GZIP are typically quicker than those that do not.

Learn about this compression approach by reading How to Enable GZIP Compression for Faster Web Pages.

5. Reduction in HTTP Requests

Each HTTP request (images, stylesheets, scripts, and fonts) increases your site’s total load time. As your website expands, these HTTP requests accumulate and cause a visible delay between a user’s click and the page’s loading.

A page’s loading time can be affected by the number of requested files and the size of the files being transmitted.

A speed testing tool is the most effective method for determining the number of HTTP requests a theme produces. Themes with fewer and lighter files will make fewer HTTP requests and load quicker. The usage of these will be discussed below.

How to Determine How Long It Takes for My WordPress Theme to Load