Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024, which you should know?

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Almost every industry is constantly changing because of changes in how technology works. For example, after COVID-19, there has been a change in how remote developers work with staff augmentation. IT experts say that Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024 will change significantly in the IT field.

Predicting or forecasting what will happen in the future is perilous, especially in today’s competitive market. There are a lot of tech trends that might affect us in the future.

In this article, Alive Techno only talks about new technologies that have a high chance of bringing about innovative changes in the world.

Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024: Innovations to Come

1: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can simulate human intelligence, is one of the top strategic technology trends for 2023-2024. The IDC Report says that by 2023, the value of AI will be more than $500 billion.

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Based on how the AI Software Categories have grown, “AI Platforms” will grow at a CAGR of 40% per year from 2021 to 2025. “AI System Infrastructure Software” will have the slowest growth, with only a 15% CAGR in the same time period.

2. Top Data Saver Company – Blockchain

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Blockchain network lets an organization make a shared, immutable ledger that can keep track of a series of transactions and help them happen in a peer-to-peer network. In 2023, Ethereum, an open-source blockchain, will be the first to be widely used.

  • Blockchain was an advanced way to store data in a database.
  • It makes a digital ledger that needs to be centralized.
  • says that the global blockchain market will grow at a 68.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2026.
  • Here are some trends in the metaverse:
  • Trends in education in the metaverse.
  • Digital Marketing avatar-based dating.
  • Seeing concerts online.

3: How does the Internet of Things help the real estate business?

I must address the importance of the metaverse when talking about the Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024 since tech giants like Facebook, Capgemini, and Google are already building one.

By 2024-2026, about 25% of Americans will spend an hour a day in the metaverse.

4: Green and low technology

Green and low-emission technologies that are sustainable The world’s average temperature has gone up, and the “G20 Climate Action Summits” have already shown how worried governments are about environmental changes.

Climate tech 2.0 will be one of the Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024. More and more people will use it. Some of the following technologies could be part of climate tech 2.0:

Wind power, solar power.

On a global scale, companies like IBM, SMAP Energy, General Electric, and many others have been working on green and sustainable technologies.

5: Technology for drones

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In 2022, Amazon said they were ready to use drones to drop packages from the sky. Since then, people have also wanted to get a package from Amazon’s drone system. says that the drone service market could grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.8%.

Drone technology is used for more than just delivery services. It’s already taking over the market with aerial surveys, filming, and other things.

6: Software for working from home

IT companies ‘Alive Techno’ use a model called “remote work” right now. They hire remote developers to help them do their work and meet their needs. Companies hire developers for different professional technologies, like dedicated Angular developers, React developers, Java developers, and many more.

Companies need help communicate and working together with their developers at all times. But by using tools like team meeting platforms, video conferencing tools, management tools, etc., software companies can monitor what their remote employees are doing and make sure they are doing their jobs right.

People are also getting used to remote technologies like video conferencing, project management tools, and messaging apps. However, the Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024 for software, like “Extended Reality” and “Smart Spaces,” will make remote technologies more useful.

Globenewswire says that by 2030, Remote Access Management (RAM) will be worth more than $12.67 billion, which is a 15.8% CAGR.

Remote technologies can control hybrid cars, one of the top tech trends for 2023.

7: Wi-Fi 6 and 7th

In 2023, wireless network technology will also move positively. If you use Wi-Fi 6 and 7, you’ll be able to browse the internet and download files more quickly. You’ll also be able to send and receive data more quickly, manage internet traffic better, and get many other benefits.

Wi-Fi 6 will support speed frequency bands up to 160 MHz channels, while Wi-Fi 7 will support frequency bands up to 320 MHz channels.

If the transmission rate is higher, people can use the newest technologies in 2023 without dealing with a lot of traffic or slow internet speeds.

8: The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Trends 2023 includes the following significant developments in technology:

  • Security for IoT.
  • IoT and Health.
  • Networks of IoT.

IoT-enabled devices can help people control their homes when IoT is used best. It can even automate some of the most common tasks, which saves time, keeps the database up to date, and cuts down on waste.

Many governments worldwide plan to build “smart cities,” and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a key part of those plans.

9: 5G Technology

It’s true that millions of people still can’t use 4G technologies to their fullest, but it’s also true that 5G technology will be one of the most popular and Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024, which informs you of future core updates in the world.

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The value of 5G Services will reach $315 billion in 2023. By December 2023, there will be more than 600 million new 5G subscriptions.

10: 3D printing and animation are used

People like the idea of 3D printing and animation, and this Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024 will be the most talked about on the internet in 2023-2024. With the help of 3D printing, buildings can be made in less time and with less waste.

Predictions say that 3D printing will be essential in the following industries:

Top value industry of making things.

Industry of Custom Art and Design.

Construction Business.

“Selective Laser Sintering” (SLS), “Digital Light Process” (DLP), and “Electron Beam Melting” (EBM) are some of the essential 3D printing technologies.

The Last Word of the Supersonic 10 tech trends in 2023-2024

Technology that helps us do less work has become an essential part of our daily lives. Remember to value how important it is to use technology in a way that allows society instead of hurting it.

Web 2.0 tech trends in 2023 need to be used globally to create a safe future for our children and grandchildren. Aside from this, the trend toward remote technologies will help people provide more profound services from the comfort of their own homes or faraway places.

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