iPhone 14 Pro Owners Are Reporting More Problems With The Camera.

iPhone 14 Pro Owners Are Reporting More Problems With The Camera.
iPhone 14 Pro Owners Are Reporting More Problems With The Camera.

There are a lot of bugs in iPhone 14 pro. Yesterday, it was said that some third-party apps don’t work well with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera. Some buyers are having trouble with the Camera app, reported today >> Alive Techno

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Several Mac Rumors readers have said that the iPhone 14 Pro Camera app takes about four to five seconds to load when it is opened. The problem only happens when you open the camera after closing it, which means it happens when the Camera app is running in the background.

You probably won’t have this problem if you close the Camera app by hand and then open it again or if you restart the phone and then open the Camera app. It also doesn’t happen when the app is set to video mode.

This doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem, though; it doesn’t always happen when the Camera app is open. People with an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max seem to be the only ones who experience this. Third-party camera apps haven’t been affected by the problem, and the iOS 16.0.1 update doesn’t have a fix.

Resetting the phones to their factory settings or restarting them doesn’t help. One user with this problem thinks it might have something to do with managing RAM.

Early adopters have found a bug in the iPhone 14 Pro camera, which is their latest problem.

Even though the iPhone 14 has only been out for a week, many bugs have already been found. This makes it one of the launches with the most bugs.

Many iPhone 14 Pro users have complained and posted videos showing that the cameras make rattling and grinding noises and that the primary camera lens vibrates out of control when recording video with third-party apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, which makes for shaky clips. YouTuber Luke Miani had this problem and noticed that it made it hard to focus on the lens. He got a new unit from the Apple Store.

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Apple told Engadget that an update next week will fix it.

Early users of the iPhone 14 also ran into bugs, like the Pro models freezing after a data transfer and not being able to get i Messages or FaceTime calls. The iOS 16.0.1 update, which came out not too long ago, fixed some of these problems.