How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Through Social Media

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In the modern world, blogging is an important way to get people to your website without paying for ads. Still, that’s not the end of the story. More than seven out of ten Americans use social media every day, and it’s easy to add to your blog. If you don’t have a clear plan for how to use social media, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Here’s what real estate bloggers need to know about how to use social media in their strategies!

What bloggers can get out of social media?

Real estate blogs have many reasons to use Social Media. Some of these benefits may be unique to a certain strategy, but here are a few that every real estate blogger can enjoy.

Putting out content

Sharing on social media and writing blog posts are both good for each other. Marketers who use social media are always looking for new content to share, and bloggers are always trying to get more attention. Think of social media blogging as a low-hanging fruit that you need to pick right away.

Also, blogging is a great way to get more people to follow you on social media and vice versa. This is another way in which the two help each other out.

Free Research on the Market

Social media is a great way to find out more about the people you want to reach. Think of it as a direct way to talk to people and get new ideas for your real estate blog and social media strategy. Track comments, engagement, and other things.

Goals You Can Measure

Setting goals ahead of time is an important part of any marketing plan. But tracking your key metrics for social media and blog content is easier than ever. You can use Google Analytics and the analytics tools on the social media platform to see how well your strategies are working.

Best Platforms for Bloggers

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Social media is a great addition to the plan of any real estate blogger. But without the right platforms, you won’t get very far. Here are some great choices for you to consider.


Facebook is the best choice for a number of reasons, which shouldn’t be a surprise. First, Facebook has by a wide margin the most people who use it. Second, people in that group are more likely to buy or sell homes.

Facebook has a much wider range of users than other social media sites. It is the most popular platform for older millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers, who are the most likely age groups to look for a home.

Also, Facebook is helpful for bloggers in a lot of ways. On Facebook, you have just as many choices as you do on TikTok. You can share a post with a long caption; add photos, videos, 3D imagery, direct listings on Marketplace, and more. Every new post on your blog is just one “share” button away from reaching the most people possible.


As they should, bloggers focus a lot on pictures, which makes Instagram a natural fit. Instagram has a lot of features that appeal to many different kinds of people. It’s a great way to reach Millennial and older members of Gen Z who want to buy their first homes.

You can share new listings on stories to get people to visit your website for a short time. With IGTV, you can also post both short and long videos, customize your photos, add captions, and do more. Here is a great place to share the content of your blog.


LinkedIn is a great way to reach business and working professionals, who are among the most likely people to buy a home. LinkedIn is also a great place to share your posts, network with other professionals, and show off your brand.

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How to make the best use of your plan

If you can handle the load, it’s great to have more than one social media strategy. But if you can’t post regularly on all four, pick the two that get the most attention and see which one works better. From there, here are some tips to help you improve your strategy!

Strong Web Design

Your website is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy as a whole. It’s where your blog and SEO strategy live, and it’s where your social media strategy tries to send real estate traffic. That’s true for ads, emails, and everything else you use to market.


On social media, it’s important to be consistent, just like it is when you blog. You don’t want people who follow you to forget about you and be surprised when your new post shows up on their feed. Instead, you should share consistent, high-quality, and interesting content to keep your audience happy and build a following that comes to you naturally.

Most platforms work best if you post every day. This isn’t always possible for every business or platform, but you should try to do it at least twice a week.

Get a Social Media Manager.

It’s okay if you can’t handle a blog, an SEO strategy, and a social media strategy on your own. You can get the quality and consistency you need by hiring a social media manager, and freelancers aren’t that expensive on average.

Just keep in mind that being consistent is only as good as the value you give. Putting up three good posts a week is much better than putting up two irrelevant posts a day. Find an expert to help you do that if you need to.

Use social media now in your plan.

Now that you have a social media guide for real estate bloggers, you can use these tips right away. For the best results, remember to focus on quality, choose the right platforms for your audience, and be as consistent as you can.

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