Gutenberg 13.7, The Latest Updates and Features

WordPrss Gutenberg 13.7
WordPrss Gutenberg 13.7

WordPress Gutenberg 13.7

If you use WordPress, you’ve probably already heard of Gutenberg, the latest version of the content editor that will eventually take the place of the Classic Editor. On July 20, Gutenberg 13.7 was made available to the public, along with several additional features and improvements. This piece will look at some of the most significant changes.

Various modifications made to the Block Directory

Good to see you! The most recent upgrade, version 13.7, was released on July 20, and you, as a user of Gutenberg, will be thrilled to learn this information. Check out this update because it has several brand new features and fixes some bugs.

The Block Directory had one of the most critical and significant revisions. When you search for a block, you will be shown a list of all the plugins and unions responsible for providing that block. This makes it far more straightforward than ever before to track down the specific building blocks you require.

This update also includes several bug fixes, including one that addresses an issue with blocks that overlap one other. If you have problems with Gutenberg, you should update to version 13.7 and check to see if they have been resolved.

Performance Enhancement Due to the Use of Larger Posts

You may have already noticed that Gutenberg’s performance has significantly improved with more prominent postings. Pages that previously required a significant amount of time to load are loading much more quickly.

This update also fixes several problems, including one that was causing the editor to become unresponsive at random intervals. Another bug was causing issues with the editor toolbar, and that one has also been fixed.

Create Site Flow Upgraded with Several New Features

New capabilities have been added to the Create Site Flow in the latest version of Gutenberg (13.7). You have the option of starting with a blank canvas or picking a template when you build a new website. Because the process is less complicated and takes less time, you will have your website up and operating in no time!

Improvements and corrections of bugs

There have been a few changes and bug fixes in the most recent version of Gutenberg, which is 13.7. The following is a list of some of the most significant changes:

-I have corrected the alignment of the text block.

When you click on a link, a new tab or window will open instead of the previous one. Images may now be dragged and dropped into place. And more! Columns now function as they should.

Where to Begin with Gutenberg and How to Get Started

So, what’s new in version 13.7 of Gutenberg? The “distraction-free mode” is the most noteworthy new feature, although the usual number of bug fixes and other minor improvements have been made. I created this mode to assist you in concentrating on your work by clearing the screen of any menus or toolbars that might be in the way.

Go to Settings > General and check the box next to “Distraction-Free Mode” to turn on the mode that prevents you from being distracted. After that, you will be given the option to select between full screen or reading mode. Full-screen mode eliminates all of the distractions on the page, whereas reading mode keeps the page’s or post’s format in its original state.

To begin using Gutenberg, navigate to the Dashboard of your WordPress installation and select the “Create New” button from the drop-down menu. After that, you’ll have access to various post types, including the standard post, page, blockquote, audio, video, and others.

What Does the Future Hold for Gutenberg?

What does the future hold for Gutenberg? The group is now laboring over several critical changes scheduled to be available in the following weeks and months. The following is a list of some of the features that are currently being developed:

WordPress Gutenberg 13.7

– A brand-new block for the addition of copyright information – A method for the creation of personalized blocks

– Support for tables and lists has been improved.

– Additional configuration options for administering blocks

– Increased effectiveness as well as steadiness


On July 20, Gutenberg 13.7 was made available to the public, along with several additional features and improvements. This blog post will summarise the new features and enhancements introduced with version 13.7 of Gutenberg.

You can now integrate movies from Vimeo and YouTube into your posts using version 13.7 of the Gutenberg editor. This release also includes several other upgrades as well as bug fixes. On the WordPress website, the release notes provide more information about the improvements and bug fixes that have been made.

If you are currently using the Gutenberg editor, you will need to update to version 13.7 to use these newly added features and other improvements.