Advice on Which Apple Watch Models to Avoid and Which Ones Are Worth Purchasing in 2022

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Among smartwatches, the Apple Watch has the most extensive user base and is the most excellent option for iPhone watch users.

Apple provides three distinct versions of the Apple Watch, each with its features and pricing points: the Series 7, the Series 3, and the Series 3 Special Edition. The simplest option is to get the most recent Watch Series 7, which features the most recent design; nevertheless, it is also the most costly Apple Watches.

The Apple Watch SE, which retails for $280, is an attractive option for the Series 3, offering a bigger screen and more modern cheapest at the expense of an always-on display and other current capabilities.

We regret to inform you that the $200 Apple Watch Series 3 has officially been discontinued. Although it is technically capable of running watchOS 8, it is becoming more sluggish and difficult to upgrade due to its limited storage. You’re better off saving the extra $80 and getting the Apple Watch SE, which we were shocked Apple maintained in its lineup following the Series 7 launch.

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Apple Watch Models

Though it is a replacement for the Series 6, the Series 7 Apple Watch doesn’t offer a significant improvement in functionality over its predecessor. With a more prominent display and narrower borders, the Series 7 is primarily an aesthetic update. The Series 7 is simply the Series 6 with a somewhat more excellent design and shares the Series 6. Thankfully, Apple has kept the Series 7’s starting price of $400 consistent with the Series 6’s, rather than increasing it for what amounts to a cosmetic update.

All this is to imply that the Series 7 Apple Watch is the most cutting-edge model available, with innovative capabilities like detecting blood oxygen saturation. An electrocardiogram (ECG) scanner is included for monitoring heart function.

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

The Series 7 also has a brilliant always-on screen and speedier charging, reaching 80% in only 45 minutes.

Other than that, it features the standard fare of sensors, including monitoring your heart rate, number of steps taken, location via GPS, and the ability to detect if you’ve fallen. Neither the battery life nor the general performance has improved much over the AppleWatch SE or the Series 6.

The Series 7 Apple Watch is an incremental cosmetic change from the Apple Watch SE, but it significantly improves the watch’s core functionality. The SE does not, for instance, feature an electrocardiogram or a blood-oxygen monitor. Moreover, it doesn’t have an always-on display, so you can know the time with just a glance and avoid making that awkward arm motion you see so many people doing when they check the time. However, the Apple Watch SE was introduced simultaneously with the smartwatch Series 6.

The Series 6 may still be purchased through third-party stores, including Best watch, Walmart, Target, and mobile telecom providers. Price points around $350 for the 40mm Series 6 and $380 for the 44mm variant are ideal. Make sure it doesn’t set you back more than $400, or else you might as well get a Series 7.

Lightning-fast Apple Watch

If you want a brand new, lightning-fast Apple Watch, you don’t have to pay $400. The Apple Watch SE, which costs $279, is essentially the same as the more expensive Series 7 model but with a few critical features removed.

The Apple Watch SE has several features with, including the ability to track various forms of exercise, sleep, heart rate, and complex fall detection, as well as a built-in compass for position tracking and an always-on altimeter for monitoring elevation.

Those interested in fitness won’t miss out on much with the SE, but those who seek a more comprehensive picture of their health and wellness may be disappointed. That’s because the SE can’t collect an electrocardiogram (ECG) from the wrist or test blood oxygen levels.

Customers have a general-purpose smartwatch that can track their workouts but don’t need to keep an eye on their heart health may consider the SE instead of the more expensive Sport.

The SE also lacks important feature, namely an always-on screen. However, its screen is still 30% bigger than Series 3. The SE loses some functionality as a wristwatch because of this. Therefore it’s the most crucial thing missing.

While the Apple Watch SE is an excellent buy for the money, we wish Apple had discounted it a bit because it’s already a year old. While it lacks the Series 7’s always-on display, rapid charging, ECG, and blood oxygen measures, else it’s pretty comparable. Its lower pricing makes it the ideal Apple Watch for most consumers.